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Cate LaBarre

Cate LaBarre

Certified Master Integrative Coach Professional
Private and Group Coaching by Phone
Workshop Leader - In person and by teleconference
607-287-0658 cell and text

Cate supports women who are frustrated by their inability to put themselves at the top of their "to do" list, resulting in poor self-care, strained relationships and health challenges. (Cate supports men as well but notes that 90% of her clients are women.)

Cate approaches self-care from the inside out, recognizing that our external world always reflects our internal world. If our thoughts, beliefs and expectations are disempowering and defeating, we can't make lasting change in our external world. Her cutting edge coaching methods are based on her training with The Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching, designed to support individuals in becoming fully expressed. By embracing all aspects of who we are as well as all of our life experiences we become open to receiving the wisdom of our life's lessons and claiming the magnificence of who we truly are. This sense of "wholeness" which is our birthright, leads naturally to impeccable self-care.

Cate asks for a minimum commitment of six weeks; most clients work with her for about four months. Her coaching is structured yet flexible, designed to address a specific need or situation. Integrative Coaching processes run according to powerful and proven structures devised by Debbie Ford and her senior staff.

Unlike traditional counseling, consulting or therapy where we look outside ourselves for answers, Integrative Coaching invites us to surface our own answers and internal guidance using advanced exercises and techniques, specifically designed to offer new life perspectives, distinctions, practices and skills.

Cate is a Certified Master Integrative (Personal Life) Coach trained by The Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching at JFK University. As a member of the Coach Success Network, she co-leads bi-monthly content rich conference calls for her colleagues worldwide for marketing and skills development. She works closely with the staff of The Ford Institute as a teaching assistant and mentor to coaches in training. She assists Debbie Ford (author, transformational teacher and founder of The Ford Institute) in San Diego and at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY.

Cate has had her own health challenge for most of her adult life. She brings her unique gifts from her personal experience that only someone who has "lived it" can offer. In workshops and private coaching, she openly shares what she has learned from her healing journey which continues to unfold each day.

As a NY State Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher, Cate maintained a thriving private practice and busy Reiki training schedule for 24 years before continuing her education for her encore career as a life coach. She has facilitated Reiki shares and "self-esteem" support groups for girls and women.

Cate and her husband, Win McIntyre, relocated from Cherry Valley, NY, to Galway in Saratoga County in 2009, where they enjoy their home and offices snuggled in a country setting of woods and meadow. They love taking advantage of all that Saratoga Springs has to offer, while maintaining the solitude of their country home.

Call or write to Cate to learn more about her coaching and workshops. She will be happy to schedule a free consultation.

Client testimonials:

"Cate helped me find the path to my authentic self and the future of my dreams. Life coaching with Cate is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your future. I recommend her highly!"
~ Manisha Thakor, MBA, CFA, Founder, Women's Financial Literacy Initiative

"I was very lucky to have Cate LaBarre be my Spiritual Divorce coach. She embodies all that one could want in a coach - someone who walks the talk, is compassionate and strong, keeps one focused on the journey of healing the past, reclaiming projections and old disempowering stories while keeping an eye to what one wants to manifest in the future, living an aligned and empowered life. Thanks Cate!"
~ Gregory Zelonka, Co-founder and Executive Director of EckhartTolleTV

"I decided to pursue coaching with Cate because I felt "stuck" and unable to let go of long-held hurtful experiences from within my family of origin.Cate's coaching helped me heal my heart by helping me see that the actions of my family really had nothing to do with my worthiness. I learned that the choices others make and the actions they take do not have any bearing on who I am and who I can become. I learned that I could choose to see those interactions from different perspectives which helped me to find forgiveness and dispel the anger that was blocking the genuine love that I have always felt for my family. Cate's coaching has been a true blessing to me in getting "unstuck" from the past so that I could create a beautiful new vision for my future that is free of the burdens that I carried for so many years. I now have the tools to work though life's inevitable disappointments in ways that empower me."
~ JFR, Business and Career Coach, Florida

"I am thrilled to have had the experience of being coached through Spiritual Divorce by Cate. My relationship with my mother has been a very trying for decades and through this process it is being transformed. Through Cate's expert and compassionate guidance, and the totally safe space she provided, I have seen so much about my stories and my attachments to past events that have kept me stuck. I am now using the concrete tools I received to redirect myself in a way that is releasing the blame, anger and resentment that has surrounded this most basic of relationships. Thank you Cate for such a transformational experience!"
~ CR, Personal Coach, Salt Lake City, UT

"Cate created a safe environment in which I could grow, look at parts of myself I had struggled to hide. With her support I was able to do this without shame or blame, and begin to see a pathway to a happier life. Cate's coaching didn't just help me to see one relationship or one situation differently. It helped me to see me, my role, in all that is around me. She helped me to apply the concepts we discussed in many different areas of my life, encouraging me to look where I was repeating the same patterns. I confidently recommend her."
~ NB, Sr. Manager, Financial Services, Pennsylvania

"When it came time to look at my primary relationship issues I chose Coach Cate. I wanted to explore how I am so tentative in relationships, especially my 21 year marriage. I have had some deeply healing moments. One of my awakenings is that relationship experiences don't go away...the question is how do we integrate our experiences and choose self-love and then to risk loving another. I still struggle but I choose love more than ever before. I recommend Coach Cate in a heartbeat. She will professionally guide you to see the answers within and hold you even when your ego doesn't like what it hears!"
~ Bonnie Lundrigan, M.Ed., Counselor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach, Professional Speaker,
St. Johns, Newfoundland

"Your teleconference workshops are a great introduction to your work for beginners and an essential intensive follow-up for your clients. I love your teaching style and was able to stay relaxed and open and easily hear the answers from within me that I most needed. The shares of other participants were very helpful, as I realized we have so many shared experiences as human beings. Thank you, Cate. I'll be back for more!"
~ JM, Speech Pathologist, LA, CA