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Deborah Dittner, FNP-C, RMT, CHHC, AADP

Deborah Dittner

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Deborah Dittner, FNP-C, BSN, RN, RMT, HHC
Family Nurse Practitioner
Reiki Master Teacher
Holistic Health Counselor
Therapeutic grade essential oils

Deborah Dittner has been an advocate and provider of integrative and holistic practices for over 30 years. She strongly believes in supporting patients to improve their health and wellness through a variety of lifestyle changes including but not limited to high quality nutrition, physical activity, relationships, family, career and community. Deb holds a BS in Nursing from Western Connecticut State University, a certificate from Albany Medical College as a Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, and Reiki Master Teacher certificates from the Reiki Room of Saratoga Springs. Deb is currently attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC which combines the knowledge of traditional philosophies with modern concepts of different dietary theories. Deb has been honored in Marquis' Who's Who in Medicine and Healthcare and has been affiliated with Saratoga Integrative Practitioners Network (SIPN) since its inception.

Ms. Dittner specializes in family health and primary care with a holistic approach towards creating optimal health through integration with medical protocols. She works with all age groups dealing with weight issues, stress/anxiety, asthma and allergy, diabetes, cholesterol management and acute illness. Deb incorporates a variety of traditional medical and holistic practices providing a unique service into the daily routines of her patients to reach the desired goals in health and happiness.

Deb enjoys working with all age groups in their search for health and happiness.

Body Balance

Ms. Dittner also published a book entitled:
Body Balance Empowering Performance
Athletes are bigger, faster and stronger than they have ever been. They train harder and more specific to their individual sports than they ever have. Yet most athletes never truly understand the most important variable in the process of becoming an elite athlete and that's nutrition. You might be skeptical that there is no way you can compete at the highest level of competition on whole foods. Yet, the formula remains the same whether you are just looking to become healthier or if you plan on fueling up as an elite athlete.  Reconnecting with the natural world and the powerful whole foods it offers, is the ideal way to fuel up and is the only way to achieve the sustainable energy we all want.  Food changes everything.  Imagine what your life would be like if you had clear thinking, energy, and excitement every day.