Saratoga/Capital District Integrative Practitioners Network

Complementary health and healing arts professionals in the Saratoga Springs, NY, area.

Be a part of the SIPN web site

• Having a page on this website is a very easy and inexpensive way to have a web-presence.

• You will get found. People searching for Health Practitioners in the Capital District will find you through high ranking results in all the major search engines.

• If you already have a web site, or a listing in a directory, joining the SIPN web site is a great way to build on your web-presence, cross-link your locations, and build information about yourself and your practice.

The cost for being listed is $65 for the first year.
The annual renewal fee thereafter is $50.

The fee is for a shared hosting charge, domain name renewal, and the cost of adding new pages, updates throughout the year, and for any changes that need to be made to your page.

Payment and Contact Information


1st Year

If you are new and would like to make a payment online for 1st year - $65 - CLICK HERE


If you already have a page and you are making a renewal payment - $50 - CLICK HERE


Checks in the amount of $65.00 1st year, ($50 for renewal), made payable to:
Paul Chessare.

Mail to:
Paul Chessare
21 Pine Robin Road
Greenfield Center, NY 12833

Guidelines on submitting material

You can include as much or as little content as you like, including graphics, photos, logos, etc.
You're welcome to link to your existing website(s), or other online resources.

All material must be submitted by e-mail.

List of items you may want on your page:

Name, title.
Contact Information.
Description of what you do, which might include a bio or resume.
Photo and/or logo.

As you would have it appear on the web site.

Remember to list all contact info, ie: Practice name, address, phone, and fax. If you have your own web site include the address, and email address. Please make sure you proofread thoroughly before submitting your information.

I would prefer all copy be submitted as the text of an email, plain text file, or attached as an MS Word doc.

If you wish to include a photo of yourself or your business, please attach your image as a jpg or jpeg (same thing). A larger file is preferable, don't minimize or optimize the file before mailing. It should be no less than 600 pixels on a side.
Photos on printed material such as a brochure or flyer are not acceptable.



Renewal time is once a year, in the month of February.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Hope to see you soon.