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Mary Beth McCue

Mary Beth McCue, RD, LDN, CDN


Integrative and Functional Nutrition

Registered Dietitian, NY State Clinical Certified Nutritionist, MA Licensed.
Over 20 years Experience.




Phone: 518.257.6530

We accept both Insurance and CASH Clients

Practice Location:
ECS Psychological Services Therapy Farm
, 683 Lake Ave., Saratoga Springs, NY

Mary Beth McCue RDN, CDN
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Integrative and Functional Nutrition
NYS Certified Dietitian Nutritionist

  • Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified -
  • FirstLine**Therapy® *Certified Lifestyle Educator -
  • Food as Medicine Certified - Center for Mind Body Medicine -
  • Mind, Mood, Food Certified -
  • AFMCP - Institute for Functional Medicine - Institute for Functional Medicine -
  • Reiki Certified, Certified Meditation Leader

Treatment of the Individual

  • Lifestyle Breakthroughs/Integrative Health Coaching
  • Personalized Nutrition /Professional Grade Supplements
  • Functional Medicine Labs, and Physicians
  • Workshops, Lectures and more

Individual Counseling

  • General Wellness and Body Balancing
  • Healthy Body Composition & Weight Control
  • Healthy/Anti-Aging
  • Eating Disorders
  • Treatment and Healing of Common Chronic
  • Conditions such as:
    Inflammatory Disorders: Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Food Intolerance/Allergies. Cardiovascular Disease, Digestive Disorders. Adrenal Fatigue/ "Burnout", Blood Sugar/Insulin Conditions, Diabetes, Depression and more.

Customized Interventions

  • Mary Beth's Interventions Promote Results within several sessions of:
  • Assessing your body's unique needs & biochemical make-up
  • Formulating a personal plan for nutritional intake
  • Offering practitioner grade supplementation
  • Diagnostic Recommendations (optional)
  • Tracking progress, and revising your Nutritional Practice as your health transitions toward vitality.

Additional services include: Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Body Mass Analysis, Personal Computerized Diet Analysis, Complementary "Youthful Living from the Inside-Out" Home Parties, Corporate Wellness Programs, Customized Prescriptions for Practitioner Grade Nutricueticals and Swiss Skin Care lines... and more.

All services involve: A Biochemical Assessment & Balancing of your bodys' unique needs; Individually tailored interventions to restore physiological, psychological, and structural balance. Mary Beth's methods are based on researched and tested methods used for many decades and performed by conventionally trained health care practitioners seeking, practicing, and teaching better methods for medicine and health care.

Why see Mary Beth?
Mary Beth is a Certified Dietitian/Clinical Nutritionist (CDN) in New York State, a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist (LDN) in Massachusetts, and a Registered Dietitian (RD) credentialed by the American Dietetic Association. These credentials are recognized by all Health and Medical Profesions. She has been formally studying and professionally practicing nutrition since 1980. Her formal study and training is ongoing to maintain her credentials. Her practice style has been formulated from a range of holistic study, experiences and practices.

Mary Beth has a long-standing personal and professional relationship with nutrition. She experienced eating disorders and obesity during her teens and early 20s. Later in her profession, she had several common chronic health conditions that led her to seek many types of healing modalities, and the study and practice of Integrative and Functional Nutrition (FN). This practice was very instrumental in providing her with the tools to resolve her conditions, regain her health, and heal. These experiences have enhanced her ability to understand her clients and assist in their success.

In order to build on her conventional style of practice, she acquired further professional education, training and experience in Complementary Nutrition & Medicine, with a focus on Integrative/Functional Nutrition, through various University's, Medical & Integrative Health Settings and Integrative Research Institutes. Some of these include The Institute for Functional Medicine, Duke University's' Center for Integrative Medicine, Crayhon Research, Designs for Health, The Marino Center Medical Clinic for Progressive Health - associated with Harvard Medical School, and the Harvard Medical School/Department of Continuing Education: Complementary & Alternative Medicine Program and The Healthy Community Institute.

In addition, her personal and professional experiences, and practice with therapies such as Chinese/Herbal Medicine, Integrative Manual Therapy, Massage, Yoga, Personal and Professional Coaching, Reiki, and Spiritual/Personal Growth Training allow her to better offer clients an holistic approach; suggesting other healing modalities they may desire to combine with nutrition.

Mary Beth's clinical career and training since 1985 - allows her to create customized holistic health and healing solutions by building on conventional medicine and nutrition practices combined with Integrative/Functional Nutrition to find the solution that is right for you.

Repair, Restore and Reestablish your health by utilizing Realistic approaches based on Researched, proven methods to Reverse chronic conditions. The success of Mary Beths' Clients prove her methods provide Results that show Recovery and Reactivation of health and vitality. Clients experience a Restoration of balances in all aspects of their lives.

Here's what people are saying...

"...Astonishing results compared to the amount of time I had been on the diet. I had forgotten all of the symptoms that had plagued me! I felt peace, freedom, hope and pure joy all at the same time. A BATTLE WON! I am no longer taking 19-20 pills a day."
Lariaine Peeylak, Westerlo NY

"You are a true holistic healer."
Ed Z. The Gazette Newspaper, Schenectady, NY

"She has an ability to connect with her clients in an effective way that I have rarely experienced."
David S. MST, Master in Sacred Theology, Troy, NY

"After years of seeing nutritionists without any success, I've had NO DERAILMENTS with Mary Beth. I FEEL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS. I have lost 62 lbs in 6 months!"
Barry Rice, Saratoga Springs, NY

"I respect and admire your loyalty to your clients and they are lucky to have you as their advocate."
Dr. Tanya Lehine, DO Doctor of Osteopathy, Saratoga Springs, NY

"Mary Beth has a wealth of knowledge in integrative and functional nutrition that must be shared."
Kathie Madonna Swift, MS, RD Nutrition Director
for Food as Medicine, Center for Mind-Body Medicine,
Washington, DC, Dietitian @ ULtraWelless Center and Kripalu.

"Mary Beth has a natural engaging style; interacting with her audiences in a friendly, open manner.  With a passion for her subject, Mary Beth is very inspiring and generates enthusiasm and commitment in others to begin the journey of learning more about yourself and how to make healthier food choices that ultimately led to a healthier life.  I would highly recommend her as a speaker and consultant."

Cathy Crosky
Williamstown, MA
Chapter Chair
Women's Presidents Organization

What is an Integrative Nutritionist?
One who practices within the concepts of Integrative Medicine. This is a "healing oriented" practice that takes into account the whole person in reference to mind, body, spirit, and all aspects of lifestyle. It is based on a partnership between patient/client and practitioner, within which the best of conventional, complementary, and alternative medicine practices can be explored & considered, in a holistic approach to health care and healing. More specifically, Functional Medicine (FM) looks at the (chronic) dysfunctions many people are burdened with — who are without direction as to how to overcome them, and rebalance the body to more positive levels of vitality. These dysfunctions are the center of the work involved to bring one back to healthier functioning. FM is a science-based health care approach that is well known and has been practiced and researched for decades. In many cases, clients resolve what conventional health practitioners view as "complex chronic disease/symptoms". The FM system focuses on the biochemical assessment of each patient, and individually tailors interventions that help restore physical, mental, emotional and structural balance.

These conditions are numerous and can include but not limited to: fatigue, intestinal disturbances, body weight imbalances, depression, hormone imbalances and much more. Most experts agree the majority of Integrative/Functional Medicine involves nutrition intervention because at a biochemical and cellular level - we can heal the body largely through nutritional means of a specified diet and supplementation plan. Further, every process of the body is driven/dependant on some type of nutrient, enzymes, protein, etc. Balancing these substances to meet individual's specific needs promote levels of health many have not experienced for decades. In almost all cases — much of the prescribed supplementation is very temporary during the rebalancing stage. It is very short- term in comparison to the duration of the condition(s) one has been burdened with. Although positive foods are the foundation of health and healing, supplementation provides the additional support the body needs to achieve a positive transition in health.

Functional Medicine is a science-based field of enhanced health care that is grounded in the following principles:

  • Patient/Client Centered vs. Disease-centered: Personalized health plans are developed between the practitioner and client/patient, which addresses initial concerns and longer-term goals.

  • Assisting the Body in Facilitating Natural Healing: Each individual's unique ability to gain optimal vitality and wellness — to levels they choose — are maximized.

  • Biochemical Individuality based on genetic and environmental uniqueness. Looking at what is uniquely happening and why (origin of problems) allows for a more thorough resolution of problems.

  • Safe and Effective Healing: Based on currently practiced and/or researched knowledge.

  • Health Viewed as a Positive Vitality: Not merely the absence of disease.

  • Promotion of Organ Reserve: As a means to enhance health span.

  • Web-like Interconnections: There are connections between the mind, body, spirit, and community in the interplay of health and disease including physiological, environmental, immune and inflammatory, energy production, gastrointestinal, detoxification, structural, and hormonal.

In addition, research has proven through the Human Genome Project ( that we can positively affect our genetic expression (phenotype) by lifestyle choices — diet and nutrition intervention being a major component. As our population achieves an ever-increasing life span in an increasingly fast-paced and demanding society, a positive, comprehensive, and dynamic health care plan for optimal well-being, with a full range of healing resources, becomes increasingly apparent and of utmost importance.

Certifications and Professional Education
Mary Beth holds a BS in Foods and Nutrition from the State University of New York, a program specifically developed by the American Dietetic Association (ADA). In addition, she completed a national dietetic internship program offered to successful graduates of this BS degree. While undertaking her internship and graduate classes at Sage Graduate School, she worked in diverse clinical, community, and food management settings. Upon successful completion of her studies and the registration exam, she became a Registered Dietitian (RD).

Mary Beth is a Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist in the state of MA (LDN), and a NYS Certified Nutritionist (CDN). She attends professional seminars on a regular basis to meet the guidelines to maintain all these credentials and to remain current in the best practices. Her passion and dedication to Complementary Medicine and Integrative/Functional Nutrition led her to develop her ADA Professional Development Portfolio, with a focus on Integrative/Functional Nutrition as her Specialty. As of 2003, Mary Beth is amongst several RDs, globally, who have completed an intensive training program taught by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM): "Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice" (AFMCP).

As a Certified Aerobics Instructor, Mary Beth directed and taught spa and hospital based aerobic programs; as a Certified Spinning Bike Coach, she introduced a "Spinning-Bike Program" as a joint effort between a Health Care System and the YMCA; as a Certified Reiki Practitioner, she developed and initiated RNs and Reiki Masters to practice massage and Reiki in a hospital setting.

More About Mary Beth
Since 1985, Mary Beth has provided nutrition, wellness, and integrative health programs to diverse individuals, groups and organizations with a wide array of health concerns and wellness goals. Her approach blends conventional medicine and diet therapies with the selective use of natural, science-based therapies, using a Functional approach. Customized designs and recommendations, including use of diet, vitamins and minerals, botanicals, medical foods and other dietary supplementation protocals are offered and based on comprehensive nutrition assessments. Use of supplementation provides the additional support the body needs, in addition to diet, for a positive transition in health — especially with the long-term chronic conditions many people have. Mary Beth works with the client to establish individual goals, which set the pace and direction of the work and create the end results toward enhanced levels of health and vitality.

As the Integrative Health Coordinator of a Community Health Care System, Mary Beth created and initiated the first formal professional group of holistic health and healing professionals. She introduced and marketed this group to the local community and hospital where she arranged for all their services to be offered and practiced to the community in the actual hospital setting. She is a member of The Institute for Functional Medicine and a current and founding member, and former Chair of External Funding of the ADA Dietetic practice group Nutrition in Complementary Care, and is a member of the Hunger and Environmental Nutrition practice group.

Mary Beth is dedicated to the transformation of health care from a disease-oriented, physician, and technology centered model into a wellness, patient-centered, healing/recovery and integrative orientation: a model that empowers the integration of body, mind, spirit, and community in healthcare to bring about healthy function and healing once again.

Mary Beth knows that much of the risk of chronic disease is due to modifiable lifestyle practices. therefore, a great deal of attention must be paid to lifestyle change. This means that what you eat, how you exercise, what your spiritual practices are, how much stress you live with and how you handle that stress are all elements that will be addressed in a comprehensive approach. When clients work in partnership with a trained & formally educated practitioner in functional medicine- they realize the initial importance of making dietary, activity & life-style changes combined with nutrients targeted to enhance specific functional needs. Pharmaceutical herbal medicines, detoxification protocols, (recommendation for) physical medicine interventions and stress-management strategies may also be used. These provide patients with tools to positively impact their health and affect the outcome of disease.

The vast numbers of diets that saturate the health industry fail to address the unique health profiles people have and therefore can not provide individuals with the nutrition plans they need to resolve health issues and progress throughout the stages that will bring them back to their natural state of vitality. What might work for one person does not necessarily work for everyone — even if "conditions" and/or "diagnosis's" are the same. We all live our lives differently, and arrive at our state of health based on different histories and thus progress to vitality differently.

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